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Cybersecurity Training

Security and Cyber Risk Management (RMF-201)

This three-day Instructor-led Cybersecurity and Risk training course follows United States federal government policy and standards to help secure information systems developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology*.

Security Risk management is a concept that has been around as long as people have had assets to protect. Risk management now extends into protecting information and data from loss, theft, exploitation, manipulation, and denial of service. SecureXperts covers the required process and procedures to certify and accredit systems used for US Federal, Defense, Homeland Security, and Critical Infrastructure Protection sectors to meet minimum baseline security controls.

This course offers relevance that the disciplines used within cybersecurity (logical security) and physical security have significant similarities, and includes the following topics:

This course falls under the overarching umbrellas of Risk Management Framework will enable the student to understand the process of how a system is secured to US federal levels according to security categorization and risk. The learning objectives from the course include:

• Introduction of the terminology used to describe security and risk management with an emphasis on management from the importance of standards and mandates that address cybersecurity risk manufacturer, system integrator and end-user perspectives.
• Provide foundational knowledge of standards development and testing modules that evaluate and validate that products are secure and can meet operational objectives.
• Define common roles within organizations that are involved in cybersecurity that have been identified as best practices and improve the security posture of an organization.

This introductory module provides an illustrative approach to students to recognize that security and risk management are evolutionary – yet it is comprised of the same principles such as asset classification and valuation.
*This course is also available as a cusomized leased training offering.

  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • NIST.SP.800-171a _1_.pdf
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management
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